About Us

Ogham Timepieces is an independent Irish watch dealer based in Dublin, Ireland.

Established in 2021, when our founder, a long-time watch collector and enthusiast saw the effect of the global coronavirus on the global marketplace. World-wide lockdowns forced individuals to stay at home meaning millions shifted their buying practices online. Businesses were moving staff to new remote and hybrid working arrangements and traditional brick and mortar stores, some of which being long-standing businesses with rich legacies, were closing at an alarming rate. Through all of this, the pandemic taught us the importance that ecommerce would play in the future markets of all goods, with even luxury products entering the sphere quickly adapting to these new business methods. 

However, there is always one part of the in-person experience that is always missing, and that is the personalisation of the sale. The experience of discussing your purchase with your seller. The experience of learning about the product, hearing recommendations, the upsides, the downsides. The experience of being not another automated order, but being a valued customer. Being an individual,

It is with that philosophy that Ogham Timepieces was established. In a chaotic world, our name expresses our roots in Irish culture, Ogham being the ancient pre-latin alphabet found in old Eire. Our logo being a single word in Ogham - 'am' or 'time' - to represent the passion which started this journey. The love of watches.